Waterproofing of Exposed Surfaces and Facades while maintaining its beauty


Waterproofing of Exposed Surfaces and Facades while maintaining its beauty

Customer main focus is the beautification done to the construction whereas, from the contractor’s point of view, it’s a must to protect and preserve the structure for the long term. A contractor faces a problem over this concern when a waterproofing treatment is to be done on an exposed brick or façade surface.

Nowadays, there is a humungous demand for an exposed brick look on the outer surface of the construction. Also, stone tiling and façades are getting very common in the middle-eastern market. These surfaces are very vulnerable to water seeping and can lead to structural damage and seepages. The main concern for a contractor is to provide waterproofing in these conditions without spoiling the beauty of the exposed brick texture on the stone façade finish. To resolve this Zydex industries provide a penetrative nanotechnology solution that forms a chemical bond with the surface. This solution penetrates the exposed brick/stone façade surface and treats them to make them water repelling in nature. The product is 100% silane called Zycosil+ which reacts with the structure surface and forms a chemical bond and does not get affected by temperature or climate change. Zycosil+ application slows down the cracking of the structure and makes the whole surface hydrophobic i.e. water repelling in nature. Zycosil+ also takes care of other problems like leakages, seepages, peel-off, efflorescence, and further structural damage. It also provides UV, Heat, and Abrasion stability and safe to apply indoors. The application is simple and does not require trained labour. The solution can be sprayed, brushed, or flooded after mixing with water and has a large coverage area. The best part of this solution is that the waterproofing chemical solution provided by Zydex is transparent and does not hinder the beauty of the exposed brick texture or the stone façade. This application of Zycosil+ solution on the exposed surface enhances the durability of the structure and solves the problems of the contractor and the owner. Nowadays, contractors and owners prefer waterproofing for the construction work to protect the buildings from leakage, seepage and avoid further complications.

Zydex waterproofing solution is applicable for both the exterior and the interior surface.
Hence, the Zydex waterproofing solution provides a complete solution for protecting the exposed structure.

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