Swimming pool waterproofing solutions

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Swimming pool waterproofing solutions

One of the most challenging points while constructing a swimming pool is that its repair is challenging because it holds a large amount of water with continuous pressure. Any leak or damage to its surface will cause further damage due to the constant water pressure. For this reason, we need swimming pool waterproofing solutions to our rescue.

Generally, Contractors use an asphalt sheet or other support sheets for the additional structural stability and extra elasticity to coping with the pressure. These solutions do provide temporary support but get rigid and brittle in 1-2 years. But when any crack or damage to the protective sheets happened due to its brittleness and rigidity, the structure is not able to hold constant pressure. The extra support provided to the surface does not have the elasticity to take care of the load. As a result, this may lead to leakages and structural failure. Thus, Proper construction of the swimming pool is very critical as it does not provide the opportunity of easy repair and is much more of a task if the swimming pool is not at ground level that is on higher floors or rooftop.

For any small or big repair, the swimming pool will be required to be drained and dried before for the treatment. The success of the repair will also be checked after filling the swimming pool and leaving for a minimum of 24 hours. This is a very tedious job and requires a lot of time, effort, and also water gets wasted. That is the main reason the contractors want to provide an ideal waterproofing solution for swimming pools before filling them up.

To help with these problems with the membranes and sheets Zydex provides a solution that is in the form of a waterproofing chemical but on application forms an elastomeric membrane. Elastobar, which can expand up to 250%. This elastomeric waterproofing membrane creates a homogeneous membrane layer on the surface that prevents the formation of any cracks or pores caused due to joints. This waterproofing membrane is water-resistant, UV stable, highly stretchable, and has high bonding strength. Hence when exposed to weather and continuous load, it does not brittle and breaks. Application of Elastobar is also easy and user friendly. To apply Zydex elastomeric solution no extra source of heat is required and can be done at any location. These applications also do not require skilled labour and can be done very quickly.

Hence, using Elastobar will provide continuous protection against the constant load and pressure in the swimming pools and keep the structure hassle-free.

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