Safeguard your structures with nanotechnology based waterproofing solutions

Most construction materials used today in enormous quantities are not recyclable. The availability & quality of raw materials have posed serious questions for reliability in construction. The speed at which these resources are being depleted demands serious attention towards finding ways and techniques to mitigate this threat by implementing innovative solutions that can keep structures healthy and long -lasting.

Understanding Nanotechnology

If you ask about nanotechnology 90 out of 100 people will say “I have no idea”, and the other ten will give you varying explanations.

In the metric system of measurement, “Nano” equals a billionth and therefore a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Just to appreciate the size, a human hair is over 1,00,000 nanometers long; therefore, it is virtually outside the nanoscale range!

Waterproofing your structure for complete protection

Water seepage, “architect’s and home owner’s nightmare”, is a perennial problem that causes aesthetic and structural damage to a structure. Many waterproofing chemicals & techniques have been tried and none has an absolute success record.

Waterproofing approach in most cases is – ‘COVER-IT-UP’. We cover up the concrete with various available materials. In most cases, the COVER deteriorates (cracking, de-bonding, peeling, etc.) resulting in water ingress into the structure. This results in shortening of the useful service life of the structure.

Conventional waterproofing membranes like film formers form only a surface film over surface cracks. They cannot penetrate the micro cracks and pore channels and suffer from the following limitation: –

  1. Short life 2 – 5 years
  2. Thermal / UV degradation

New generation penetrative organosilane technology

Now – for the first time, a nanotechnology based waterproofing agent, indigenously developed for the Indian conditions – is available.

The New Generation Organosilane is a blessed technological breakthrough that has addressed almost all issues that prevented widespread use of the Silane technology for mass consumption. The salient features of this new formulation are:

  • Long Useful Service Life (UV stability upto 20 years)
  • Water Soluble – 20 times its volume (cutting transportation cost)
  • Easy to Apply (colloquially speaking, is Idiot-proofed, eliminating misapplication)
  • Eco-friendly (Meets the toughest Californian VOC norms)
  • Affordable (Can be even considered for Low-cost Mass housing)

Through penetrative nanotechnology the basic nature of the structure is changed from hydrophilic to hydrophobic. The earlier, water absorbing structure substrate, becomes water resistant.  This prevents water ingress in the structure and retards ageing of the structure.

The result is, significant life extension of the structures and optimize resource preservation.

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