Need for waterproofing of your Terrace/Roof

Need for waterproofing of your Terrace/Roof

Water accumulated on the walls and terraces of your spaces sooner or later starts seeping inside. One of the prime reasons of this seepage and moisture is rain water. This entire cycle of water falling and entering can be put an end to via a process called waterproofing.

Waterproofing is a method that prevents water from penetrating your house, building, or any surface. Water majorly penetrates from Surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls, Bathrooms, the kitchen of the building which will result in the majority of the problems leading to structural damage and failure.

Significance of Waterproofing

Nowadays, Waterproofing in New Construction Buildings is a Major Requirement. With proper waterproofing treatment, the building surfaces are made water-resistant and waterproof for many years. It can be done during or after construction, to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture, and leakage.

The process should be able to resist leakage during heavy rainfall. The efficient waterproofing of terraces can be achieved by adopting proper construction practices. No rainwater must stagnate on the roof. The main use of waterproofing of the terrace or roof is to resist hydrostatic pressure exerted by moisture in liquid form/state. These issues could be tackled easily by using the applications of waterproofing membranes. These membranes can be either made of plastic, rubber, coated fabric materials, or asphalt sheets. These are used to prevent the entering of water into the foundation, roof, walls, basements, buildings, and other structures. Any failure in the application of the membrane can lead to the failure of the whole treated area. Even most of the time, after taking care of all these things, membranes tend to crack or have a tendency of getting rigid and brittle within 1-2 years because of the continuous or heavy load on the surface.

Waterproofing with Zydex- A solution for better

To overcome this major problem, waterproofing with the membrane is being done with in the form of waterproofing chemicals. Zydex offers comprehensive system solutions for Waterproofing a new home or repairing an existing one. Our products are used for all critical surface areas like Roof, External Walls, Basement, Internal Walls, Bathrooms, and Water Tanks. The solution is in the form of a waterproofing chemical but on application forms an elastomeric membrane, Elastobar, which can expand up to 250%. This elastomeric waterproofing membrane creates a homogeneous membrane layer on the surface which prevents any cracks or pores formation due to joints. This waterproofing membrane is water-resistant, UV stable, highly stretchable, and has high bonding strength hence when exposed to weather and continuous load, and it does not brittle and breaks. The application of Elastobar is also very easy and user friendly. To apply Zydex elastomeric solution no extra source of heat is required and can be done at any location. Also, the applications do not require skilled labour and can be done very quickly.

Hence, using Elastobar will provide continuous protection especially to heavy loaded and exposed areas like
terrace or roof.

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